The Open Source Greenhouse Control System

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Growmanager Overview

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Growmanager fills every need for basic growers to business applications.

The Basic Edition benefits from professional technology and is fully scalable (ie you start with basic and with few more modules you end up with an high technology growing solution).

It's possible to manage every kind of grow: Earth, Soilless, Rockwool, Hydroponic, Deep Water Culture and even Airoponic.

Nearly every greenhouse can be controlled with Growmanager. The basic features are Temperature-, Water-, Humidity-, Airflow-, Fan-, and CO²  control. Ranging up to Nutrient distribution systems and presaved Growprofiles (without much need for doing settings) to handle every aspect.


  • Installation Wizard
  • Automatic Sensor Recognition
  • Graphical DataLogger for all sensors
  • Monitor up to 8 temperatur probes simultaneously
  • Control up to 8 relais simultaneously
  • Event - Control - Management System
  • CO² Probe support
  • Humidity Probe support
  • Water timer with flow control
  • Grow Cam - watch your plants grow
  • Automatic Updates via internet

Hardware needed:

  • Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface
  • more supported hardware will be added soon !

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 / XP