The Open Source Greenhouse Control System

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Welcome to the Growmanager Open Source Project

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"Growmanager - Greenhouse Control System" is a free open source framework that is managing a computer controlled greenhouse. "Growmanager" is capable of switching plant grow lights, read out temperature controllers, watering soil or hydroponics grow systems and managing heating and ventilation in your greenhouse. With the right hardware setup it is even possible to mix individual hydroponics nutrients und supply your plants with those nutrients in regular intervals.

"Growmanager" provides an easy to use grapical user interface which can be controlled intuitively. The goal is to provide a modularised framework where every user can pick and install the modules he needs (or reinstall and upgrade later when needed). With a fully documented library of developer resources, Growmanager allows the customisation of every aspect of the framework.

If you are interested in participating and boosting Growmanager to "THE" Greenhouse Control System you are welcome and can register just right now. Growmanager is fully open source software and stands under the GNU General Public License.