The Open Source Greenhouse Control System

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Help and FAQ

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Installation: Software

  • Start the Installation Wizard
  • Give all Sensors (Temp, Humidity, CO2) Names
  • Give all Relais Names
  • Set the Output Adress (LPT1, etc.) in the Hardware Dialogue
  • You're ready to grow!

Note: The Usb-Card and the Webcam has to be connected before you start Growmanager, all other Hardware can be connected later

Installation: Hardware

  • Connect USB-Card to PC
  • Connect all Temp-Sensors to LPT1
  • Connect your Webcam to a free USB port
  • Connect Humidity Sensor & Co2 Sensor to USB-Card
  • Connect LCD-Panel to LPT2
  • Start Growmanager


  • Growmanager does not close properly.
    - This bug will be fixed soon, consider closing via Ctrl-Alt-Entf - "End Task"
  • Can I adress my own IO Card?
    - You can adress all ranges of Hardware IO-Ports via the hardware Setting. It is recommended to use LPT ports.
  • My Webcam does not work.
    - Please install all your webcam driver before you install Growmanager. That should help.
  • All Windows/Pages in Growmanager does not load or take too long.
    - Growmanager has to write several Registry-Setting on the Hard-Disk. The first time you do open a window it takes up to 10 secs.
  • Growmanager got Error "430" and closes
    - If you installed IOOcx from JSPayne you will need to register the io.ocx that comes with Growmanager.
  • I got Labjack - does Growmanager work with this?
    - NO. Growmanager is based on the K8055 USB Board from Vellemann.